Family reunites during Harvey devastation and ends up in Bowling Green

Published: Sep. 6, 2017 at 10:06 PM CDT
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Even though the rain has stopped, the aftermath from Harvey is still affecting many people.

One family has found refuge in Bowling Green.

"Get my kids. You can come back for me, get my kids out of here," says Anna Lacouture, resident of Orange County which is about two hours outside of Houston.

As Lacouture tour relives her experience from Harvey, anxiety and stress were at the forefront of her mind with four kids, and a house under water.

"One of my neighbors was going by on a boat, and I just yelled help out the window," says Lacouture.

"There was no where to go. water was already almost up to our knees in the house," explains Lacouture.

Her family undergoing constant fear even after fleeing from the flood.

"We get to the shelter, and I can't stay there. It was horrible for kids," says Lacouture.

As the family transports to three different shelters, they run into a familiar face.

"Oh my gosh it's Abigail," says Lacouture.

Abigail Lacouture is her neice who she hasn't seen in years.

"There were eleven of us. We went and got a hotel room, paid for that, then my family came and got us," says Lacouture.

That family drove from Bowling Green, opening up their home of already five. Sixteen people now living in the 1,200 square foot house.

"I'd rather stay here 'cuz more family is here, and I don't wanna go back and have memories," says Anna Lacouture's son, Landon Knight.

Finding a new home in the Bluegrass after losing nearly everything.

"They lost it all. they had the clothes that they came with," says Lacouture, referring to her children.

In the end, family saved family.

"If it wasn't for them, I probably wouldn't be here today. I'd probably still be in the flood. I'm just very grateful," says Knight.

Now a house full of kids ranging from 8 months to 14 years old. With only one bathroom to share, there's still smiles all around.

"All that can be replaced, you need to worry about the fact that you made it, you're alive, we lived through this," says Lacouture.

Through all the devastation, the Lacouture's are grateful for family and refuge in Kentucky.

"I mean I'm just very thankful and all," says Lacouture.

FEMA has requested the Texas residents to come back to assess the damage. They plan to travel there as soon as possible without the kids to protect them from the unknown.

The family also has a Go Fund Me page to help them rebuild their life. To make a contribution go to the link next to this story.