Family search website sparks security scare

Published: Jan. 13, 2017 at 5:54 PM CST
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A geneaology website called "" is gaining national attention by knowing your information.

You can search the website by simply entering your name and state to find a record under your name with your age, family members, old and present addresses, and sometimes even phone numbers. Free to the public, no membership needed.

To see how it works, we had our own receptionist Ruth Morrow test it out.

"Oh, wow. There's a landlord, an ex boyfriend, a daughter, and all the places I used to live. It's just odd," Morrow stated.

To understand how this website gets your info, I tried getting in contact with the direct source Friday morning by calling and even sending an email, and I didn't get a response.

So, I went to Millstone Labs Chief Technology Officer Art McFadden for his input. He says it can start out with a simple sign up security question.

"The sad part is, when they're just compiling all this data. That data is already out there about you."

"When you fill something out online, in the fine print, you may want to read it, and see what they're going to do with your information. You actually opted in to that unknowingly because they sold your information. That's where it comes from. Our big concerns aren't just from privacy and stalking viewpoint, but as well as identity theft," McFadden added.

But there's one way Art McFadden suggests to keep up to date with your identity, the legitimate way.

"What we've always recommended for everybody, if they think they're an identity theft victim or not, is to go to the one free, true credit check website, and that's annual credit report dot com, and that's authorized by federal government."

A family search website, making you easy to find.

Regarding your information on, there's an option to get your info off the site.

Find the link attached to this story to walk you through the process.

Art McFadden suggests for you to check back a few days later to make sure your info does in fact leave the site.

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