February is National Pet Dental Health Month

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) Do you regularly brush your pet's teeth? Have you ever noticed if your dog or cat has bad breath?

Keeping your pet's teeth clean and bacteria-free is just as important as you going to the dentist for your regular cleaning.

"If a dog gets to be let's say 10,11, or 12 and they have a lot of tartar and they need a lot of teeth pulled that is a lot harder on them," said veterinarian Dr. Stan Snodgrass. "It also can get bacteria into the bloodstream and begin to cause heart problems and things like that. So it is really important on the health of a dog and cat to take care of their teeth."

If you ever notice a serious odor coming from your pet's mouth this could signify a serious health problem.

"If your dog is let's say two and a half, three years old it is about the time to start really looking at the teeth to maybe have tarter on them," added Dr. Snodgrass. "If the breath starts being bad that is one clue that you need to pick up the gums, look and see if there is any tartar on the teeth and then we can clean them here."

According to Dr. Snodgrass it is important to get your pet used to getting their teeth brushed at a young age. It not only keeps their teeth healthy but can also help limit bacteria build up.

The Snodgrass Veterinary Medical Center will be offering 20% off all teeth cleanings for the month of February.

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