Firework tent operators explain the business and talk weekend sales

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- It seems like no matter what road you're on this week, nearly every corner in Bowling Green has a firework tent set up.

For some people, operating a tent is a new adventure.

"This is our first year doing this, so we'll see how it goes and see if we want to do it again next year," says Alescia Ward, working at a firework tent on Russellville Road. She says the whole thing was her son-in-law's idea.

"This is my first time trying this," says Amanda Rowley, who has a tent set up in the Kroger parking lot on Campbell Lane.

For others, they've been in the firework business for quite a while.

"Off and on for about 10 years now," says Angel Hill, operating her tent from the Hardee's parking lot on Russellville Road.

No matter the reason behind selling fireworks--

"We're trying to help everybody have a great 4th," says Rowley.

"I sponsor some folks in Haiti, so a lot of what I do goes to support them. Also, semi-helping my nephew. He's going to Guatemala for a mission's trip and I'm going to give him some of this money as well. Anything for missions," adds Hill.

They all agree it takes more work than you'd think.

"It took us two days just do inventory when we first set up," says Ward.

"Hours of prep work actually," says Hill. "This year they delivered [the fireworks] about 9:30 and we were still working on set-up and pricing well into the night. Probably, 10 or 10:30."

All of that will hopefully pay off by the time Independence Day gets here.

"Sells are steadily climbing," says Rowley. The closer we get to the 4th of July, of course people are planning parties and things for their family events. We're trying to help them put together packages that give them a good family environment."

"They started out slow, of course, but we expect them to really pick up tomorrow [Friday]. We did really well yesterday [Wednesday] and we expect to do, gosh, just astronomical over the weekend," says Ward.

Those who have been in the business before agree.

"It's about average. Most people get paid on Friday, so I'm expecting Friday to be a big one," says Hill.

Exactly how many fireworks do they have to sell?

"Billions!" Says Ward, laughing, "I have absolutely no idea."

"A lot. I don't know. I don't know a number," adds Hill.

But they're all hoping for the same end result.

"I've never sold out," Hill adds, "but I almost did last year, so that's my goals this year is to sell out."

Several tents throughout Bowling Green will remain open all day on the 4th of July.

For those planning on watching the fireworks at Citizen's First Thunderfest this year, due to weather, the date has been changed to Sunday, July 2nd. (It was previously scheduled for Saturday.) Gates open at 4pm.They say all events will go on as planned, the only change is the date.

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