25,000 fireworks recalled after 8-year-old boy loses hand

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(WBKO) -- The Consumer Product Safety Commission is recalling 25,000 individual units of fireworks, after an 8-year-old boy lost his hand in an accident.

An 12-year-old also sustained injuries in an incident involving the fireworks.

The recalled products were sold by Grandma's Fireworks in Indiana. The CPSC said 18 types of fireworks made by the company are overloaded with pyrotechnics, meaning their effects could be larger than anticipated.

The following are products affected by the recall:

- Angry Elf
- Crazy Robot Flowers
- Rise to the East
- Safe Cracker
- Mamba
- Crazy King
- POW!
- Bang
- Frog Balls
- Dragon Artillery (Assorted)
- Small Festival Balls
- Cock Rises!
- Sammy's Best
- Katherine's Catapult
- Heavy Bomber
- Multiple Rocket
- Taion
- Block Buster

More information about those products is available at the CPSC's website.

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