First day of school jitters aren't just for the kids

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- People may think that teachers have it easy because they get their summers off. Some teachers though, may beg to differ.

"I wish I really did get my summer off," says fourth grade teacher at Lost River Elementary, Erin Burch.

Many teachers have spent their summers lesson planning and decorating their classrooms.

"I started about back in June on getting everything ready," goes on Burch.

Even while we are here on a Saturday, teachers have been coming in and out all afternoon.

"A lot of trips to the parent teacher store, and Walmart and Target, but it got done with a lot of help," says first year teacher at Parker Bennett Curry, Lauryn Johnson.

Planning and decorating isn't the only thing that's been weighing on these teachers.

"I definitely have first day jitters," says says first year teacher at Parker Bennett Curry Elementary, Megan Connally.

A mixture of excitement and nerves seems to be the theme for all teachers, regardless if they are a first year or a veteran.

"I'm so excited but the night before I probably won't get any sleep," says Burch.

It was neat to learn that the teachers we spoke to today were not planning on hiding their emotions from their students.

"My very favorite book to read on the first day of school is first day jitters. and the whole book, you think they're talking about a student, but at the end, they're actually talking about their new teacher," explains Burch.

In addition to transparency, these teachers plan on being as open as possible for another reason.

"I think that's a way to relate to the students too, because you are able to talk about those first day jitters and you can kinda get over them together," says Johnson.

The first year teachers we spoke to seemed to be at ease while talking about the new school year starting next week.

"It's definitely overwhelming but the support here has been awesome," says Connally.

At one point during the day, first year teachers at Parker Bennett-Curry were tidying up their classrooms when a 12 year veteran willingly walked in, sat them down and gave them advice about the first day.

"Passing on knowledge has been the best help," explains Connally.

These teachers appear to be more than prepared emotionally and physically for August 9.

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