Five Republican candidates are now elected state officials

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WBKO) -- Last night the Republican Party of Kentucky walked away with several victories.

Five of the six states offices will now be held by Republicans. One office that is still to be determined is the Governor of Kentucky

Governor Matt Bevin took to the stage at the end of the night to congratulate his party on their wins.

"This is a good night for Kentucky because Kentucky elected a lot of great men and women to key positions. Kentucky has the confidence I can tell you that in the end we will have the government we have selected from top to bottom," said Governor Matt Bevin.

Daniel Cameron the newly elected Attorney General for the state of Kentucky also made history last night becoming the first African-American to hold the office.

"I am also incredibly grateful to all kentuckians who looked at the attorney general's race and made a determination that they wanted a new start in office," said Daniel Cameron, Attorney General Elect.

A Republican hasn't held the office of Attorney General in over 70 years.

Another Republican Michael Adams was almost surprised he walked away with a win for the office of Secretary of State last night

"There's a lesson here especially for young people watching tonight. Don't ever let anybody tell you that you can't achieve your dreams. That you don't come from the right background or the right family, that you don't have what it takes to make it here on the big stage," said Michael Adams, Secretary of State Elect.

"In America anybody can rise from obscurity. Let them underestimate you but never underestimate yourself,"added Adams.

Three Republicans have also been re-elected, including Ryan Quarles who is looking to make Kentucky the Agriculture technology capital of the United States.

"We put beef in the grocery stores in a significant way. We have over 8,000 Kentuckians using our states most powerful marketing brand to say yes I support a local farmer and agriculture business," said Ryan Quarles, Agriculture Commissioner.

Allison Ball will continue to be the State Treasurer and Mike Harmon as State Auditor.

According to the Secretary of State the unofficial voter turnout for the 2019 General Election was around 42%.

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