Flash mob video showcases WKU’s Department of Theatre and Dance

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WKU’s Theatre and Dance department has tapped into a unique recruiting tool.

Last Thursday was National Tap Day and to celebrate, WKU’s Theatre and Dance department released a flash mob video created to showcase the tap education offered at Western Kentucky University.

“The WKU Shim Sham Shimmy video was an idea I had at the beginning of the semester.”

WKU Dance Program coordinator Amanda Clark says the tap dance video set out to accomplish three things.

One part I wanted to create an interesting, unique recruitment video for the dance program and the department of theatre and dance.”

“Also I wanted to let prospective students know we do offer tap here which a lot of university dance programs do not do.”

“Finally I wanted to celebrate this great American art form that is unique to our society and to our culture.”

Clark spread the word about the tap dance flash mob and even had tutorials created so students could learn the dance.

“The choreography is not my own this is historic tap dance. It’s considered the national anthem of tap dance.”

Most of the dancers were theatre and dance majors or minors but there were others who just wanted to join in.

“To be able to bring all the students together even those who don’t dance and give them this opportunity to perform is a big deal.”

Clark says it’s also a big deal that WKU offers lessons in tap every semester.

“We have three different levels for students and that’s really important to the education of dance majors as well as our theatre students who are concentrating on music theatre.”

It’s too soon to tell but Clark is hopeful the recruiting tool translates into more dance students shimmying their way to WKU.

“It’s been well received on social media and it’s been a lot of fun. I think prospective students as well as current students have really enjoyed it.”

Clark hopes the video will be even bigger next year. She’s already been contacted by other dance programs wanting to submit videos to be included in the final product.

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