Flu Shot Alternatives

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Area pharmacies are offering flu shots, but if you get the flu, there are medications you can take to relieve your systems. Benjamin Washam at Sheldon's Express Pharmacy says you can get Tamiflu with a prescription.

"As long as you get that within your system within 48 hours of your symptoms," says Washam, "then Tamiflu works well. It can decrease your symptoms by a day or two, which will make you feel better and get you back to work faster."

Washam says Tamiflu costs $100, but says you can get medicine called V Clear which costs $16.00 a bottle.

In addition to the medicine, Washam says to keep hydrated, eat healthy, and take Vitamin C to give your body its best chance to fight off the flu.

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