Flu still widespread in Kentucky

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Flu activity in Kentucky has been widespread for 10 weeks in a row.
So far 44 people in Kentucky have died this flu season.

Officials say the flu typically peaks in January and February and then starts to trend down in March.
Although they have seen flu numbers start to drop officials say the flu is still a major concern.

"Right now we're just seeing the numbers pushing up almost exclusively for Flu type A. We've seen a lot of people in the emergency departments having to be admitted with secondary pneumonia. It's very serious Still the only protection is really the vaccine itself," said Dr. Ryan Stanton.

Officials say the vaccine won't prevent you from getting the flu but it could lessen the severity of your symptoms.
They also stress other ways to prevent the flu like washing your hands and cleaning high-frequented areas with antimicrobial agents.