Former CEO speaks in Bowling Green about new book

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Warren County Public Libraries hosted the former CEO of Dollar General at the SKyPAC Tuesday night to talk about his new book, "My Father's Business."

Cal Turner Jr. signed autographs and spoke to an audience of almost 800 people about how he helped The Dollar General grow into a Fortune 500 company.

Turner told jokes and charmed the crowd in SKyPAC while sharing the stage with a former colleague and good friend.

Turner's second book features his love for his family and growing up in South Central Kentucky, where he describes his home as the perfect small town.

"It happened here from that Scottsville, Kentucky home of that wonderful company founded by my father and grandfather, and I try to celebrate that in the book," said Turner.

Turner's goal for everyone who reads "My Father's Business" is to learn from the experiences and challenges he faced.

He describes his book as his way of being a preacher of the real world.

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