Former UK basketball player Rex Chapman campaigning against opioid addiction

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University of Kentucky basketball legend and Kentucky native Rex Chapman is known for two things.

Of course there's basketball but then there's the recent incident in 2014 featuring Rex's mugshot next to the title describing his retail theft charge.

Chapman is leaving that part of himself in the past along with something that continues to haunt a large portion of American families today.

He says he suffered seven significant injuries during his career as a basketball player through college and the NBA - undergoing multiple surgeries to recover. This would eventually lead him to turn to painkillers and opioids for comfort. Names like Vicodin, Oxycontin, and Suboxone became familiar.

Chapman is now wanting to leave another legacy behind.

He's working to bring awareness to influence lawmakers to more seriously address the opioid epidemic in Kentucky and across the U.S.

Chapman wrote an article on the effects of opioids on our country and his personal experience with them in an article published Monday in Sports Illustrated. You can find a link to that article on the right side of your screen.

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