Foundation Christian Academy approved to expand

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WARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- A Christian-based school here in Bowling Green has just been approved to expand its facility.

Foundation Christian Academy is planning to become the first full campus in Vette City,

The president of the school says they have continuously worked hard.

"Over the last 10 years our board of directors and volunteers and staff have worked really hard to position the school for growth."

Their proposal was presented at the planning and zoning commission meeting on Thursday night.

"Right now we only serve through the eighth grade but our goal is by 2020 to go ahead and extend all the way through high school and offer a three-year-old through 12th grade high school all in this one campus right here on three springs road."

The president of Foundation Christian Academy, Chris Robison remembers how not so long ago they got their initial Conditional Use Permit to build the school.

"When we first located here on Three Springs Road, we received the Conditional Use Permit to only develop only the first eight acres of our 40 acres and we had a capacity of just 185 children.

The president of the school also says one of the big reasons for wanting to expand is enrollment.

"We're growing and growing so quickly we want to use all of our 40 acres and develop the school for as many as 550 children maybe even more."

Robinson also spoke about future plans before being approved.

"If it's approved we're going to begin construction on a gymnasium and additional classrooms this winter in January of 2018 and that would just be the first of many facility features that we will be adding over the next. 10 to 15 years."

The principal of Foundation Christian Academy, Melissa Young says one of the biggest reasons for the expansion is not only the opportunities it will create.

"For years parents have begged us to expand through the high school but we wanted to make sure the time is right.... the time is right we can offer everything."

Robinson also mentioned they are in the midst of going through the application process to join an athletic conference.

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