Frankfort's mayor considering changes after two shootings in one week

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WBKO) -- Frankfort's mayor is considering changes in the wake of two shootings in a single week.

The first shooting happened Labor Day at a public park. Authorities are looking for a person of interest in this case.

A man is in custody for the second shooting, which happened in a parking garage.

Mayor Bill May said the city is looking to change the park rental process so that law enforcement agencies will be notified ahead of large gatherings.

"Notify emergency management, fire, police, and EMS any time we are going to have a large gathering at the park," May said. "We can maybe increase patrols there, or even put officers there for the event."

May also said he's considering increased recruitment for the force, as officers felt the stress of dealing with two shootings in the same week.

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