Franklin Police Officer resigns after allegations of inappropriately messaging minor

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FRANKLIN, Ky. (WBKO) -- A Franklin Police Officer after allegations that he sent inappropriate messages to a minor.

Officer Chris Jackson handed in his resignation Wednesday before any investigation was complete.

Jackson had been the school resource officer at Franklin-Simpson High School.

The school district reported to police that he had sent personal Facebook messages to a female student.

One Franklin mother tells 13 News that Jackson started contacting her 17-year-old daughter around the time of the school's spring break.

"He did not solicit for sex and he did not send pictures, but he insinuated that a massage between her and him would be nice," she explains.

We kept this interview anonymous for privacy of this mother and her daughter.

She says she has been a victim of sexual assault and wants people to be aware of what the early stages may look like.

"People who are predators can be any form, shape or fashion," she says. "It's not going to stop unless someone speaks out."

"It would have never happened to me if the person that it happened to before me had said something," she continues.

"Whether it be flagrant, or it be just bordering the line of non-criminal, it needs to be made aware. It can encourage others to stop it."

She says her daughter went to school officials to protect others.

"She didn't want anyone else to be a victim," explains her mother. "Anybody who's been a victim, for the rest of their lives they're going to question their own judgment first. They're going to look to blame themselves. And any victim needs to understand that they don't have to blame themselves."

School officials in Simpson County have contacted Kentucky State Police to report the incident for investigation.

Officer Jackson had been on suspension prior to his resignation.

The Simpson County School District says the security and well-being of all students is "paramount" to everything they do.

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