Franklin-Simpson Wildcats prep for state championship

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FRANKLIN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The Franklin-Simpson Wildcats are 14-0 heading into the 4-A state championship game on Sunday.

The school held a prep rally today to show their support for their undefeated team.

Before Franklin-Simpson students left for the weekend, Coach Doug Preston had a message for them about his team.

"They have the best student section," Preston exclaimed to the entire gym, "they've got the best fans and they've got the state champions of 4-A football."

"It's pretty awesome to see everybody here excited for us," says senior quarterback Jackson Caudill. "It's going to be a great experience, doing this for the community. That's what we really what to do it for. They deserve it. It's been a long time."

"I want it for our community and I want it for our guys more than anything," says Coach Preston.

Preston has coached in the state finals before, but he says each visit is equally important:

"It means so much to me because I want it for the kids. They're the ones putting in the work and the effort and the as old saying goes the blood, sweat and tears. To be 14-0 and right now with some of the competition we've played is a major accomplishment."

For the seniors, this will be their last game of high school football.

"Its' your last game," says Caudill, "but it's the state championship, so that's the way you want to go out if you have to go out."

One Wildcat senior will be making history just by stepping out on to the field.

Maddie Alexander has been yet another story line for an impressive season, being one of the few girls to play high school football in Kentucky.

"It's an honor," says Alexander, "to be able to be a female and go to a state championship with a great team and a great coaching staff."

Coach Preston says regardless of score, his boys, and girl, are winners in his book.

"I feel like they're already a success," he explains, "because of their willingness to go through the time we put in and the effort, and the life lessons you learn from that, but it would just be awfully awfully sweet to finish it off with a win on Sunday."

The Franklin-Simpson Wildcats will be playing their state championship game Sunday at 3:45PM at Houchens-Smith Stadium.

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