Franklin community discusses proposed aquatic center

Published: Mar. 2, 2017 at 4:25 PM CST
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A public town hall was held Thursday for a proposed aquatic and community center in Franklin.

The proposal calls for a convention center, a senior center, two indoor pools, an outdoor pool, and fitness activities as Franklin City Manager Kenton Powell explains:

"It's for all ages, we're trying to have swim lessons for kids, places to go for the seniors as far as meetings and as far as physical therapy in the exercise pool."

Steve Crocker, with Water Technology Incorporated, discusses what it means for children to have a pool in their community.

"The kids, the young kids who grow up in Franklin don't have the same opportunities that I had growing up in Franklin, many kids are not able to learn to swim and that's a risk, that's a risk to not be able to be exposed to the water at a young age."

If the project moves forward they're considering a restaurant tax and a room tax to help pay for it. Revenue would also be made from membership and activity fees.