Franklin father speaks out on Facebook in support of his son

Published: May. 31, 2020 at 9:10 PM CDT
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A father of a young boy in Franklin, Kentucky took to Facebook this week to pour out his feelings about the current actions happening around the country.

"I can't remain silent about a fear that I have the story is not mine to tell but my son's story is," said Josh Thurman.

While Josh personally can not be a voice for the black community he can be a voice for his son.

"I don't know how it feels to be a black man growing up with the injustices and the oppression based off of 400 years so I wanted to voice that sentiment and I wanted to let people know that I am proud to be the father of Towens Thurman and I do have these fears for him," added Josh Thurman.

In Kentucky there have been numerous protests and the family agrees their voices deserve to be heard.

"Here we are now trying to weigh 48 hours against 400 years of oppression we don't have that luxury,"added Josh Thurman. "We do not have the luxury to tell them that they can't grieve about 400 years of oppression. I am not here condemning violence but I am not here to condone looting but I am here to condone the cultural change and shift."

The family attended the peaceful rally in Franklin on Sunday to show support for their son and their community.

"We hear you, we see you, we speaking just we can't understand what you have been through but we do have the fears that our sweet little 5-year-old boy will one day not be a sweet little innocent 5-year-old boy and be judged just on the color of his skin," said Mandy Thurman, mother.

"I am an ally. I do not speak for them, but I will speak with them and I will stand with the black community," added Josh Thurman.

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