Freshmen at WKU talk about the transition into college

Published: Aug. 22, 2017 at 10:15 PM CDT
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With scattered storms throughout this Tuesday, Western University's campus was busy as students officially switched from summer to school mode.

The University pushed back many classes to Tuesday because of the eclipse, so many freshmen were able to have a day off to prep for their big first day at college.

"Umm.. crazy. Yeah, it was insane," freshman Taylor Boulier says in response to how her first day went.

Going to college for the first time is hard enough, and one student from Sadi Arabia has only been speaking English for one year.

"So the teachers like, they go over things very fast. Sometimes they are not loud enough so I can't understand them," says Abdullah Bahpashy.

The young freshman has found a strategy though.

"Sometimes what I do is I record the teacher, and then I study it at home," says Bahpashy.

Some other ambitious freshmen have the rhythm down before even stepping foot on campus.

"I came in with 65 (credits)," says Will Marsh.

"50 credit hours," says Caleb Clark.

A majority are learning how to transition from high school.

"It's a lot more work than I was expecting, but I'm transitioning well I think," says Drake Gillispie.

The difference even goes beyond

"It's a bigger world, it's no longer one tiny building- it's multiple buildings, spread across a campus," says Boulier.

A heavier workload also attributes to the difficulty students find when transitioning.

"It's a lot different because today was my big day for classes and I've already got homework," explains Drake Gillispie.

Not to mention the plenty more social engagements to attend.

"There's so many things to do, so many things to get involved in, and you're basically forced to spread your time out wisely," says Boulier.

Many of these freshmen we spoke to seem to have their attitudes and mindsets in the right place.

"Just brushing up on studying strategies and stuff like that. It's all I can do- reading books, putting my nose to the grindstone," says Gillispie.

Adjusting to college is all about balance and that's something these freshmen learn in time.