GLASGOW: Caretaker 'petrified' after police warn her of suspicious van in the area

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GLASGOW, Ky. (WBKO) -- The Glasgow Police Department received complaints on Wednesday about a white van in the area of Gorin Park and Park Avenue attempting to pick up children.

"We're just scared of what's going on around us," said Carol Pitcock, Glasgow resident.

Frightened is the feeling Pitcock described, as innocent children play at a park -- care-freely. Likely, no idea what was going on around them.

"While they're playing I see a cop car patrol around," she explained. "They motioned for me to come over,"

Carol says police warned her to be cautious as they had received several calls of a suspicious white van in the Park Avenue Gorin Park area.

"We immediately packed up and come home," said Pitcock.

The caretaker of several young family members, Carol says she felt uneasy enough to take away the children from an innocent play day.

"It's a shame our kids can't be kids anymore and just laugh and play and have fun. They have to worry about what's around them, about who's around them," said Pitcock.

Police confirming they've received two calls about this van that said the reports claimed it was possibly trying to take children.

"We encourage smaller kids to be attended by a parent or guardian," said Sgt. Terry Flatt, Glasgow PD.

Given these reports and with school almost out, police presence is expected to pick up in the Glasgow area specifically this area.

"Five different parks inside the city limits of Glasgow," said Sgt. Flatt. "We do patrol every single park, especially with warmer weather coming on."

A frightful afternoon for this caretaker, mother.

​"I just wanted to hug them up close to me"," said Pitcock.

Reminding her of the unfortunate reality of the bad in the world.

"It can happen anywhere, it doesn't matter where you live," she added.

However, at the end of the day, enough good can come together to far outweigh the bad.

"People need to be aware of what's going on in the community so we can stand together and help keep our kids safe," said Pitcock.

Anyone with information on this possible white van should call the Glasgow Police Department at (270) 651-5151​.

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