Gabbi Doolin's parents voice frustrations with case of their daughter's murder

Published: Nov. 14, 2018 at 5:58 PM CST
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Amy and Brian Doolin will be the first to tell you that time doesn't necessarily heal all wounds.

They lost their seven-year-old daughter Gabbi in 2015 when she was kidnapped, raped and murdered in a wooded area behind Allen County-Scottsville High School during her brother's middle school football game.

Time may heal some wounds, but even three years after her death, no wounds have healed for Gabbi's parents.

"That beautiful little girl was full of life and her life was cut short," said Gabbi's mom, Amy.

Her dad, Brian adding, "It's just the constant thought of missing her. She was always happy-go-lucky and always smiling, and most of the time you miss the way things were."

It's been 1,096 days since Gabbi's life with taken. Since then, there have been three different trial dates, new attorneys for both the defense and prosecution and continuous delays.

All of that has transpired in 1,096 days, but still no justice for Gabbi.

"I never knew that our justice system was so slow turning, I just had no clue. Every time that we've been hit with 'It's going to be longer' you're just like 'Wow. Really? Why?'" Amy said of the judicial system.

The delays and changes have left the Doolin's devastated, having to leave the courtroom at times overcome with frustration. One of those instances, when the defense attorney for Timothy Madden, Travis Lock, was dismissed from the case.

"As soon as that happened, I mean, common sense just played in. You know it's going to be put off again because the new guy has to have time to do whatever Travis Lock's been doing for the last two and a half years," Brian said.

"All we have heard is about the criminal we sit in the courtroom with, every time we go in there, all we hear about is his constitutional rights," Amy added. "Gabbi's not really had a voice. We've tried to do our part to give her a voice, but in that courtroom, she doesn't have a voice."

With the new trial date set for September 2019, there looks to be some hope that it could finally happen if everything continues down the right path.

But even in a case that demands justice, time still stands in the way.

"Whenever she says the trial's starting, I'll believe it. Until then, you never know," Brian mentioned when asked about his expectations for the trial.

Three years of pain, agony and suffering through a parent's worst nightmare, Brian and Amy still know that no court and no time can take away their daughter's legacy.

"She had a smile that would light up a room, and she was just full of life. Absolutely full of life," Amy said about her daughter.

Why someone would take this innocent soul, no one can answer. Though time will run its course, through due process, justice for Gabbi will come in due time.

"Her presence made not only our lives but so many other lives, better," said Amy.

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