Gas prices rise due to pipeline break

Published: Sep. 19, 2016 at 5:32 PM CDT
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A number that seems to keep going higher and higher; gas prices.

"I would much rather see it going down than going up."

"Any time it goes up, it affects everyone. It hits your pocketbook."

Gas prices continually rising due to a pipeline break in Alabama . Until the Colonial Pipeline is fixed, AAA Spokesman Mark Jenkins says prices along the eastern United States are likely to rise even more. With Bowling Green gas stations running short of gas and some completely out, drivers' frustrations seem to increase along with the gas prices.

"I'm a bit outraged considering I'm a traveler. I travel a whole lot so you know its a lot of gas prices that's going to affect my pockets."

"15 cents is 15 cents. It would be bad if it were just 5 cents."

"We've been trying to get gas but everywhere in Bowling Green is out. So, I finally come over here the other day to get gas and its jumped way up."

The gasoline pipeline break has left many drivers in a bind when it comes to filling up their tanks at the pump. Many drivers are saying they feel helpless with the hiked price increase.

"You can't go without it, so we're kinda a slave to their prices."

"You can't control the gas prices, all you can do is just ride and hope you have enough gas to make it to work, that's all I can think about!"

Riding out the prices, hoping to see prices lower soon. ​

According to AAA Spokesman Mark Jenkins, once the pipeline is fixed, prices should quickly begin to decline. Until then, motorists are encouraged to follow their normal driving habits and to not draw abnormally large amounts of gas from the pump.

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