General Assembly passes right of unborn bill

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - Kentucky's legislature has passed a bill that would ban abortion for women seeking to end their pregnancies because of the gender, race or disability of the fetus.

The bill that cleared the legislature Wednesday would ban abortions based on the fetus's sex, race, color, national origin - or diagnosis or potential diagnosis of the congenital condition Down syndrome or any other disability.

It passed the Senate 32-4, part of an aggressive agenda by GOP-dominated legislatures in Kentucky and several other states to restrict abortion.

Soon after the bill was sent to the state's anti-abortion governor, Republican Matt Bevin, the American Civil Liberties Union said Wednesday that it will challenge the measure in court.

Bevin responded to the ACLU challenge, tweeting: "Bring it! Kentucky will always fight for life."

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