General Motors employees back to work, Corvette Plant resumes production

Published: Oct. 28, 2019 at 4:44 PM CDT
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At the corvette plant, it is back to business as usual as Monday marks the first day back to work for General Motors employees across the US.

"I think they're feeling, you know, that they're glad they are back to work, but they would have liked to see more things they wanted in the contract," said Local 2164 President, Jack Bowers. "That speaks for how close the votes were and some of the 'no' votes, but at the end of the day it's going to be good everyone gets back to work."

Friday, the International UAW confirmed that nationwide the new contracts between GM and the union were approved, though not everyone voted in favor.

At the Local 2164, a majority voted against the new contracts.

"One reason in my opinion that, you know, we did receive more 'no' votes is we do have a lot of transfers that were directly and adversely affected, you know, by the plant closures, by the unallocated states that they were placed under," said Local 2164 Bargaining chairman, Jason Watson.

At the corvette plant, the strike caused delays in production.

Officials say crews must first finish up work on the C7 before production can begin on the new C8.

Just as work started back up, it will soon once again stop because of a scheduled three-week downtime in order to get the plant ready to build the new model corvette.

"We're back right now producing the seventh generation corvette," said Rachel Bagshaw, Communication Manager for the General Motors Corvette Plant. "We are going to undergo some launch related downtime that's between the weeks of November 18th through December 6th."

With work back underway officials say the local 2164 can now provide proper orientation for the new transfers, many who started work when the strike was happening.

Officials say they are still expecting around 150 transfers to come in the next few weeks.