Generations of family honor Warren County World War II Veteran

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - A country divided, being brought back together at the end of an emotional week.

"I've been trying to hold back tears all day because it's been an emotional day for me," said Sarah Richardson.

A high school ceremony, with one student lucky enough to lead a folding of the nation's flag.

A guest having the honor of being spotlighted.

"He's a walking piece of history."

Floyd Parr considers himself lucky to even be able to make it to the ceremony.

"I feel good about being honored," smiled the 98-year-old originally from Virginia.

More than 70 years ago he dedicated himself to his country, and the world's most dangerous war.

"I was in the 305th Infantry, 77th division in the Pacific."

Lucky to be alive, after several close calls as a medic on the field of battle.

"A shell fell about ten feet from me and it didn't go off."

Friday, from the comfort of a chair, he was just a proud great-grandparent.

"I've been shaking hands all day," smile Parr with a burst of energy.

Watching his two great-granddaughters honor the sacrifice he and his friends made all these years later.

15-year-old Zaria Richardson, Parr's great-granddaughter, leading the ceremony as the symbol of the nation is cradled, reminding him of nightmares, and happy memories.

"Sometimes you'd get tickled and get a laugh or two."

Today the 98-year-old is just soaking it in, as his generation is remembered so many years later.

"I love him a lot," smiled Sarah Richardson through tears. Throughout the afternoon she was there holding her grand father up, as her daughter's stood with the Warren East JROTC.

In a way, Parr was serving as a symbol himself. Inspiring a new generation, and a family that has something to be proud of.

"Follow that integrity, follow that dignity, follow that drive to just do anything that you want to do," said Angel Richardson. Parr's other great-granddaughter, couldn't help but smile when it came to describing how her hero inspired her.

A family, living a moment, they'll never forget.

Ironically, Floyd will celebrate his 99th birthday on December 7, the day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, thrusting the United States into World War II.

The Virginia native's two great-granddaughters, are members of the JROTC at Warren East and they say every day with him continues to be an honor and a gift.

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