Glasgow EPB to donate $4,500 a month to Community Relief Fund of Glasgow/Barren County

GLASGOW, Ky. (WBKO) - During the Glasgow Electric Plant Board’s January meeting, the Board of Directors voted to contribute $4,500 each month to the Community Relief Fund of Glasgow and Barren County (CRF).

"And so since we already had an agency that was an expert at that we decided, and TVA concurred, with us giving them about 50,000 dollars a year to help with the efforts that they are already an expert at doing," said William Ray, Superintendent of the Glasgow EPB.

Officials say the ability to provide funding to the agency comes from their new contract with the Tennessee Valley Authority that includes a t3.1 percent credit on a wholesale bill.

Officials say this is the best way to get help directly to those in the community who need it.

"Trying to go through the rate structure, trying to find a way that we could get approved by TVA to alter our rates to somehow target people that were having particularly bad economic strife was just an impossibility and even if it were possible it would take so long," said Ray.

Stacy Janes from CRF says she's “excited about this partnership and the impact it will have on the community.”

CRF offers assistance with utility bills and deposits, past due rent, rental security deposits, first-month rent, and food.

The funds being donated by Glasgow EPB are part of an incentive from the Tennessee Valley Authority and will aid Glasgow EPB customers with the electric portion of their bills.

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