Glasgow Officials looking for answers on string of fires

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GLASGOW, Ky. (WBKO) -- The Glasgow Fire Department has responded to three separate fires over the span of a week that they say are suspicious in nature.

They responded to two fires yesterday morning: a vehicle fire on Samson street, and a fire set to equipment behind Lowe's Hardware Store.

"Both of those fires, nobody called in," says Fire Chief Tony Atwood. "It's kind of weird when you come in the next morning and you get a couple calls that you've had two fires that are suspicious and nobody called them in."

Atwood believes the fires may have been set intentionally.

"I hate hate arson fires," he continues. "One: they're hard to prove, hard to convict somebody, but the other part of that: it's taking somebody and basically destroying their property."

A third fire was reported last Wednesday on Trojan Trail. It's unclear if there is any relation to the fires Tuesday Morning.

"I wish somebody would call in if they'd seen something suspicious on Samson Street, also maybe on the bypass here at Lowe's," pleads Atwood. "We would appreciate any information people have out there, because there's always people passing by."

Chief Atwood says if you see any suspicious activity, or you catch a fire in the early stages, the first thing you should do is dial 911, but there's also one more thing you can do to help them.

"[There's] nothing wrong with taking a video," he explains. "If you see a fire, you see a vehicle on fire, if you've got video early on, you can very well pinpoint where that fire started."

"Take out your phone, video your surroundings," he continues. "A lot of times after arson fires, people hang around."

The Fire Department is working closely with the Glasgow Police to determine whether or not any, or all of the fires are related.

If you have information you can call the Glasgow Police Department, Glasgow Fire Department, or call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 270-781-CLUE(8529).

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