Glasgow Police warning public of scam, says caller claims to be an officer

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Glasgow, Ky. (WBKO) -- The Glasgow Police Department says a scam is circulating around Glasgow and Barren County, where people are receiving calls from a man identifying himself as a Glasgow Police Officer.

Police say the man is advising the potential victim that they (or in some cases a family member) has an active warrant for their arrest for Failure to Appear in court.

According to police, the caller will then instruct the would-be-victim that they can pay to have the arrest warrant recalled by going to (in this case) Walgreens and obtain Green Dot cards, or some other form of electronic payment.

Glasgow PD says the caller then states that once you have completed these steps, the arrest warrant will be dismissed.

Police are warning the public to not fall victim to this scam. They say to please be aware that this is NOT common practice, and if you receive one of these calls you can report it by contacting the Glasgow Police Department at 270-651-6165 or by contacting your local Law Enforcement Agency.

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