Glasgow structure fire started by lit cigarette

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GLASGOW, Ky. (WBKO) -- Glasgow Fire Chief Tony Atwood says it was a lit cigarette and strong winds that caused a structure fire to catch and spread on Tuesday.

Tuesday's fire led to devastating results for one local business owner.

"We lost a lot of equipment today with extensive damage to the building, but luckily nobody was hurt," says David Jessie.

Jessie is the owner of Southcentral Kentucky Monuments on 109 Front Street.

Matthew Miller does occasional work for Jessie's building, and was in the middle of a paint job when he saw something suspicious.

"We saw some smoke rolling," he explains. "Across the street, there's a barbecue joint. We thought they they just overcooked a little bit. We'd come outside to investigate and it was rolling up in smoke over by the vending machines."

The fire department says the fire started on the exterior of the building, and after the small fire started the wind blew it back into the structure, making it progress quickly and rapidly.

The Glasgow Fire Department was just down the street, but even with a fast response time, there wasn't much they could do to keep it spreading into the building.

"When we rolled out of the station, we could see smoke and the flames," says Chief Tony Atwood. "We're about three blocks away. It was about a minute and a half from the time we got knocked out to when we were on the scene, which I think helped to save the building. I would hate to think what would have happened."

"We went back to get some fire extinguishers," says Matthew Miller, "and by the time we came back out, it was engulfed. It was so hot and heavy that the fire extinguishers wouldn't do anything."

Miller says at the end of the day he's just glad everybody is okay:

"You can see the damage. it's pretty extensive. Nobody got hurt luckily, but at least we can still salvage a few things."

David Jessie says he is thankful for the employees of neighboring businesses that tried to help when they saw the fire spreading.

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