Gov. Andy Beshear announced two deaths related to COVID-19; 54 new positive cases in Kentucky

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WBKO) - Friday, Governor Andy Beshear had some sad news for the state as two Kentuckians passed away after battling COVID-19.

Beshear will be lighting the Governor's Mansion and the dome of the capital green. Beshear asks that if you can please light up your home green to show compassion for those who passed.

Beshear also announced there are 54 new positive cases of COVID-19 in the state. This is four more cases than Thursday's total and is the single most reported cases to date. It brings the total to 302 cases in Kentucky.

The 54 cases include one in Warren County, one in Simpson County, one in Christian or Todd County, and one in Daviess County.

"This is our fight; this is our battle," said Gov. Beshear.

Gov. Beshear also addressed those who are living on the border of other states to not travel over the border. He said Kentucky has made aggressive efforts to protect our people and if you go over the border and travel to those places you frustrate the efforts.

"Do not travel. Not only should you not travel out of state - do not travel. Stay healthy at home," said Gov. Beshear.

Beshear also addressed issues with unemployment. If you applied for unemployment and received a notification that you do not qualify for unemployment insurance, he recommended you ignore that, and that your claim is still being processed.

He said individuals would be contacted about their claim next week and be notified of the status of that claim.

Also, although the weather might be nice this weekend and in the coming days, Gov. Beshear is still encouraging you to keep social distancing.

"This is about us being committed," he said.

He has given an order to local county judges and mayors to close parks if people do not abide by social distancing and COVID-19 regulations.

For more information about COVID-19 in Kentucky, follow this link.