Gov. Beshear confirms 92 new COVID-19 cases in Kentucky

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WBKO) -- Gov. Andy Beshear addressed the Commonwealth in his held his daily COVID-19 press conference Saturday.

Gov. Andy Beshear confirmed 92 new cases of COVID-19 in Kentucky and three new deaths.

"While three is certainly less than we've had in the last two days, these are three people that are loved and cared about by their family and by their friends, that loss is just as important as any loss that we've reported on other days even if the numbers were bigger." Beshear said.

Those individuals who've passed include a 56-year-old female from Fayette County, a 52-year-old female from Bullitt County, and an 81-year-old male from Boone County.

"We've been trying to be very careful about individuals' stories unless people are willing to talk about them. It is very personal to a family, it could be protected health information," Beshear said.

Beshear said that the state now has a total of 917 cases. He also confirmed at least 16,663 people in Kentucky have been tested so far.

"We're still not getting all the reports from all the labs from everybody that has been tested. Sometimes we just get the number of positive," Beshear said.

Over the course of the reports given by the Governor's Office, more than 130 people who have tested positive for the virus have been hospitalized and 76 are currently hospitalized.

Governor Beshear did not have a Saturday update on those who have recovered from the virus, but said they will have it soon.

Kentucky State Police say they've been overwhelmed with 9-1-1 calls and questions about the no travel order. Governor Beshear says Kentuckians should not be calling 9-1-1 with questions.

"They should be calling 9-1-1 with emergencies and they should call any other number with questions. They can call the coronavirus hotline, they can call state government. The travel order is really important, but no we are not going to have National Guard or State Police at this time closing off roads in and out of Kentucky."

The travel order is to ensure contacts from a different region don't come into Kentucky. The travel ban has a couple exceptions. Working in another state, if you are caring for a loved one, or a court order such as visitation for your kids are all exceptions.

Gov. Beshear also addressed the concern for the need of ventilators in Kentucky hospitals.

"What we're hearing from hospitals first is they are thinking about new ways for a hospital grade ventilator to potentially be able to service more than one person. We've got some really good hospital systems in Kentucky and we are lucky for that. We are seeing this coronavirus as their duty, their people are going into harms way for it and I've been really really impressed," Gov. Beshear said.

Beshear says that just because we have 1,300 ventilators doesn't mean that that's not the capacity to serve more people. We are no where near that capacity right now, we have more ventilators than the people that have tested positive for the coronavirus right now.

"The more we flaten the curve, the more we use social distancing, the more than likely we are to have a ventilator for everybody who needs it," Beshear said.

Lyon County Officials confirmed four cases tied to one nursing home. Gov. Beshear says nursing homes must absolute be protected during this coronavirus.

"Let me say with this specific nursing home, we have had multiple conference calls with them, provided significant advice and we have in fact tested I believe the entire wing, which I believe is the most significant step and the most testing we've seen in any of these facilities."

"It is why we have very early, early than most states, limited any visitation and why these nursing homes are taking significant steps," Beshear said.

The new cases Saturday by county are as follows:

Boone County: 1
Bullitt Count: 1
Caldwell County: 1
Christian County: 3
Clinton County: 1
Daviess County: 3
Fayette County: 1
Franklin County: 1
Hardin County: 3
Henderson County: 2
Hopkins County: 5
Jefferson County: 45
Kenton County: 1
Lewis County: 1
Lyon County: 2
Marion County: 2
Meade County: 1
Mercer County: 1
Ohio County: 1
Perry County: 2
Shelby County: 2
Simpson County: 5
Warren County: 1
Washington County: 1
Wayne County: 1
Webster County: 1
Woodford County: 1