Gov. Bevin questions closure of TVA power plant in Muhlenberg County

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HARTFORD, Ky. (WBKO) -- Governor Matt Bevin spoke with reporters and community members at a public forum in Ohio County on Friday.

In neighboring Muhlenberg County, residents learned recently the coal-fired Paradise Power Plant will be shut down, as the result of a vote by the Tennessee Valley Authority.

Bevin weighed in.

"The only source we have where you can go and get more when you demand it is coal," he said. "For us to pretend that's not reality, to wish the sun was always shining and the wind was always blowing and it was always warm is just so many unicorns and leprechauns. That's not reality."

As a federally-run entity, Bevin believes the TVA has a responsibility not only to the TVA but to the communities that rely on them.

"It was intentionally established in this area, the TVA, to take advantage of the resources that we have and I think they have responsibility not to just think about their immediate financial bottom line," he continued. "but the ripple effect on the communities and the very people that now won't even have a job and be able to afford the electricity rates that they're going to be offering them.."

Bevin has spoken with Secretary of Energy Rick Perry as well as President Donald Trump.

"This is something that the president and I have spoken about, something Secretary Perry at the Department of Energy and I have spoken about," he explained. "They understand this and they are committed, and the president is very committed to making sure that coal is still a key part of out national reliability for electricity."

Despite everything, Bevin is remaining optimistic about Kentucky, saying his administration's 'hustle' is giving the commonwealth a competitive advantage over other states when it comes to things like bringing in jobs economic growth.