Gov. Matt Bevin announces funding for road projects in Southcentral Kentucky

RUSSELLVILLE, Ky. (WBKO) -- Governor Matt Bevin was throughout Southcentral Kentucky on Monday.

Bevin stopped in Hopkinsville and Guthrie, KY., ending his visit in Logan County where he announced funding for road projects totaling nearly $300,000.

"These specific areas were driven by the local community. The mayor of each of these communities, both Russellville and Auburn. As well as the council members and then at the county level too." said Bevin. "Those conversations with our transportation cabinet is what drives our decision making. And as to why now, the need is now and while there's still seasonally time before the snow flies, or before it gets too cold and icy, we want to get these projects done."

Shelton Lane - $123,970
East 3rd Street - $70,500

Sugar Maple Drive - $44,260
McCormick Street - $23,109
D Hall Street - $11,525

Bevin said leaders of these towns are grateful to be heard and have their opinions listened to.

"There's never been a Governor previously who had an administration that took the time to come to the local level and ask them where do you have the need? Where would you spend the money?" said Bevin. "We go into communities that are republican and democrat alike. I don't care if the person is elected a republican or democrat. If there's a need in their community I want to know about it."

Gov. Bevin also spoke about a variety of other issues from the current UAW strikes, to banning e-cigarettes and the Trump Impeachment Inquiry.

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