Governor Matt Bevin holds annual "State of the Commonwealth" address

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FRANKFORT, Ky --- (WBKO) Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin held the state of the Commonwealth address Thursday night.

During the address the Kentucky governor spent a great deal of time reflect on some his accomplishment achieved during his term. Among these accomplishments the governor claimed that $17.7 billion in new capital investments and around 50,000 jobs have been created under his watch.

Gov. Bevin only briefly covered the topic of the state's pension crisis, which many believed would be a focal point of the address.

Minority House leader Rocky Adkins, who has filed to run for governor, didn't buy everything that was said by Gov. Bevin.

“How he can hold a straight face, when he talks about the pension system and how he’s put more money in,” Adkins said.

While Republican leaders gave Bevin praise, Democrats criticized him for not laying out an agenda to be discussed and scrutinized.

Bevin, a Republican, announced last week that he’ll seek re-election in November, adding that he’s trading Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton for a new running mate, Sen. Ralph Alvarado, (R-District 28).