Grand Jury indicts Bowling Green parents for criminal abuse of infant

Haley Dorman, Manuel Juarez
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Two people have been indicted on criminal abuse charges involving a 5-week-old baby.

Last October, Bowling Green police responded to a report of child abuse at Greenview Hospital where an infant had severe bruising to her face.

The report said the parents, Haley Dorman and Manuel Juarez, were there and were interviewed.

Dorman told police Juarez was left at home alone with the child and after she was gone for an hour, Juarez called to tell her she needed to come home. Dorman said when she got home, the infant had a bloody nose and some bruising to her face. She said she called a pediatrician about taking the baby to the hospital, but she didn't go. Later, an EMS crew was near her apartment and after receiving advice from them she took the baby to Greenview Hospital.

Police say Juarez changed his story several times regarding how the infant was injured. Dorman told police that during an argument with Juarez he told her it was his fault and that he dropped the baby. Dorman said Juarez has anger issues and told her he was going to seek help.

According to the report, Juarez told police he only remembered the baby being on the couch and then the baby being on the floor. He couldn't remember if he dropped the baby and if he might have thrown something and hit the baby. Juarez explained that sometimes when the "multiple personalities" happen he can't recall anything.

On Wednesday, the Warren County Grand Jury indicted Dorman and Juarez on criminal abuse, 1st degree.

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