Grant money helping Allen County students transition from high school to college/trade programs

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ALLEN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) - Allen County Schools are back in session and already this new school year is off to a great start!

Recently, the Allen County Career and Technical Center received a 12,000 dollar grant through United Way of Southern Kentucky.

The money will be used to help high school students transition into college or trade programs.

Allen County High School senior Samson Dyer began as a freshman taking classes at the Allen County Career and Technical Center.

"There's a lot of different things we do in each of the classes with hands-on, you know, electrical, hydraulics," said Dyer.

Dyer's passion is with industrial maintenance, which is just one of many career opportunities students have at the school.

At the Career and Technical Center students gets hands-on learning and can be certified in areas such as welding, automotive, health science, and business.

"And we're giving them that leg up and that hands-on career trade that they can learn here and go to the workforce and make a good living and it helps support our community," said Allen County High School Principal, Joseph Cosby.

Through the co-op class, Dyer is taking his classroom knowledge and applying it to the real world.

"As soon as I get out of high school, you know, if they're happy with it and I'm happy with the position I'm in that'll just be able, I'll be able to do full time and really just grow in that company," said Dyer.

Now for the fourth year in a row, Allen County Schools received grant money to make these opportunities possible.

The four years Allen County Schools received the grant has totaled more than 50,000 dollars furthering student's education.

"So this year we wanted to add that, we wanted to try to bridge that gap for the kids who want to take more dual credit so we're going to use some of the money to help the kids take more dual credit," said Cosby.

School officials say in addition to helping cover expenses for students to take dual credit classes, the money will pay for ACT prep and buy new material to help improve reading.

The funding for the grant at the Allen County Career and Technical Center comes from United Way's Community Impact Funding.

In total, the Community Impact Funding invests more than one million dollars in the 10 county Barren River Area Development District.

This year Allen County received more than 60,000 dollars to go toward education, healthcare, income, and providing a safety net to those in the community.

"It's invaluable, it's the best day every day to know that what you're doing is making a difference and all those who partner, whether it's an employee in a company, a company owner, or the manager of a non-profit when we all work together it multiplies our efforts and it makes a better region for everyone to live in," said Elizabeth Newbould, Director of Marketing and Communications for United Way of Southern Kentucky.

Of those receiving grants are officials providing Kentucky Legal Aid Benefits Counseling, Allen County Schools Family Resource Center, and the Allen County Family Enrichment Center.

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