Grant's Produce Farm sees community support for their small business

WARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO)- Support local, that is the message that has been circulating in communities since COVID-19 impacted local businesses.

"Now we are into turnip greens, our eggs are in, our asparagus is coming up. So now we are able to add that to the shelf," said Richard Grant, Farm and Retail Manager.

Grant's Produce business is stocked up and ready to serve their community, though this season is looking a little different than it used to.

"Normally our restaurant sales are probably 40% of our business in a normal season. Even bigger in the winter because this is never open in the winter but now I could really use that extra sales to the restaurants where we are not having them. We don't have hardly any restaurants that are actually ordering from us, not at all," said Grant.

While the business has taken a hit due to not being able to sell to those restaurants they say that their community is showing support coming to Grant's Farm Produce to buy their vegetables.

"We have seen a lot of support come in from local people that are supporting the small business owners just because of the times. One the stores are out of eggs, potatoes, I have sold a lot more of those and now I have got other things to add to the shelves so it is making for better sales each day," said Grant.

The small business is making sure to serve their community and keep them safe by practicing proper social distancing.

"We can space out and do our social distancing. They like that they will wait outside," said Grant.

Even in these uncertain times, they have been overwhelmed with support.

"The past four weeks we have had great weeks to be honest with you ticked to death," said Grant.

Grant's Produce says they are grateful for the continued support.