Graves-Gilbert Clinic Testing Out New Self-Service Check-in

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Graves-Gilbert Clinic recently launched a mobile pre-check and in-person kiosk check-in pilot program to speed up wait times.

Patients can still check in with a person if they want.

Since the program began last Thursday, kiosk check-in times have averaged about three minutes in length.

"Kiosks like this we see them more and more in like in airports, grocery stores and things like that so it really is - it's a self-service thing - and it's here to help benefit the patients as well as the clinic, it just streamlines things and makes the whole process easier for folks checking in," said Mike Smith, Director of Internet Technology at the clinic.

Smith also says this pilot program will help the clinic to work out any problems before implementing the systems at other clinic locations.

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