Grayson County man accused of dragging dog behind truck for miles

Published: Aug. 11, 2016 at 7:13 PM CDT
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A horrifying drive an ending that's hard to believe.

"One of the most gruesome things I had ever seen in my life," said Edmonson County Deputy Jordan Jones.

After an argument, the Edmonson County Sheriff's Office said a Grayson County man sped away on Highway 68/80 from a parking lot in Oakland, prompting drivers to follow him, not due speed, but instead an animal caught behind his rear axle.

"The bones had ground down to where you could actually see the bone marrow," said Jones.

A witness said they followed Calvin Dennis from 68/80 through Smiths Grove on Highway 101 until he reached 31-W. From there Dennis drove onto Highway 259 into Edmonson County where he was also followed by a police officer from Smiths Grove.

Calvin Dennis eventually ended up at the Chalybeate Fire Department after dragging his dog for 15 to 20 miles. After police got him on the ground, they went to the back of the truck to a sight many called one of the worst in their careers.

"There was a collar that was attached to the leash, connected to the back of the truck. It was wound so tightly that the neck had broken," said Jones.

Police say it was an off duty police officer who first saw the dog attached to the back of the truck, prompting a call to 911.

"The only way he was able to catch up with him was the trail of blood the dog was producing while being dragged."

Dennis admitted to police that he had taken prescription pills and methamphetamine.

He told police he had forgotten his dog was tied to the hitch of his truck.

DUI and drug charges, have been added to an animal torturing charge Dennis is facing in the Hart County Jail.

"We're here to protect the population of the county, but we're here to protect the animals too," said Sheriff Shane Doyle.

"He put an innocent dog at risk for no reason. If you're going to take your dog to work or anywhere like that, you're responsible for that dog at all times," said Jones.

Dennis is facing up to five years in prison on the animal torture charge alone. The fact that the dog died as a result of the incident makes the charge a Class D felony.

Edmonson County recently lost its animal shelter due to neglect, but the county is making an extra effort to stop things like this from happening by adding an animal control unit to the sheriff's department.

The new aspect of the sheriff''s office will only handle dogs for now. They'll be taken to the Bowling Green/ Warren County Humane Socitey.