Grayson County man headed to North Carolina to help hurricane victims

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LEITCHFIELD, Ky. (WBKO) -- One Leitchfield man is planning a trip to North Carolina to help victims of Hurricane Florence. John McGinnis is taking his boat, his truck and supplies like water and food to pass out to the people he meets.

This isn't the first time McGinnis has left Kentucky to help hurricane victims. He's been to New Orleans after Katrina and just last year, he went to Texas after Hurricane Harvey. He spoke with 13 News after that trip, a link to that story can be found here.

On Thursday, McGinnis was in Leitchfield, packing up and getting ready to make the haul to the east coast.

"During Harvey I just wanted it to get better so I just prayed about it and I felt like God was telling me to go, but this time it's almost like a given, you know. It feels like I should just be there," he said.

McGinnis said people he's met from previous trips to help hurricane victims have been calling him, asking if he plans on helping in North Carolina.

"I just love people and the only difference between me and everybody else here is they've got something to do and I'm going. I love people and I hope I can help somebody. If I help one it'll be worth the trip," he said.

McGinnis said he's not sure how long he'll be gone and he plans on sleeping in his truck throughout the trip, going to the areas hit the hardest, without putting himself in too much danger.

"Last time I planned to go for two days and I didn't come back for a week and a half. When you're laying in your truck at night and you hear people screaming, it's hard to leave," he explained.

"When all is said and done, all we've got is each other. Everything else is just material possession," he added.

McGinnis said he knows this trip is just the beginning of the help these coastal communities will need.

"We forget so easy and it's easy to do when you get caught up in your own life. These people are going to be suffering for a long time. But as soon as the new wears off or the cameras leave, there's still people that are hurting," he said.

13 News plans to follow up with McGinnis during his trip and after he returns home. He said he plans on heading toward Wilmington, North Carolina on Friday morning.

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