Grayson County man shot two times by his mother

LEITCHFIELD, Ky (WBKO) -- UPDATE: 11/15/2017

Barry Wilkerson reached out to 13 News Wednesday to offer more information about last Friday's shooting incident involving his mother.

Wilkerson said there wasn't an altercation inside the house before the shooting, and that a severe side-effect from anti-depression medication led to attempting to take his own life.

Wilkerson said his mother felt her only recourse to stop him from committing suicide was to superficially wound him, which is why she shot him in the leg and shoulder areas.

Wilkerson said he would like to reach out to other patients who may be taking anti-depressants who may be experiencing suicidal thoughts to reach out to their doctor immediately and to not try to fight through it.

***Original story follows***

The Leitchfield Police Department and the Grayson County Sheriff's Office responded to a shooting on Maple Avenue late Friday night. Upon arrival, officials discovered that Barry Wilkerson had been shot two times by his mother, Paula Sims. They say the issue arose inside Sims' house, before Wilkerson returned to his vehicle outside.

Grayson County Sheriff, Norman Chaffins says, "There was some type of argument, altercation. Wilkerson returned to the vehicle and that's where he was at when she (his mother) came out there. And his mother came outside and shot him through the passenger glass and struck him through the upper shoulder area, as well as the upper thigh and into the hand."

Police questioned Sims and Wilkerson's wife, Sasha, on the scene of the shooting. They say Sims informed them that she was trying to prevent her son from taking his own life.

Sheriff Chaffins said, "He had maybe had some suicide thoughts and on this particular day when we responded the mother told us that she shot him, because he was going to kill himself."

Following the incident, Wilkerson left his mother's home and drove to an acquaintance's house before going to Twin Lakes Hospital in Leitchfield. He was then transported to UofL Hospital to be treated with non-life threatening injuries.

Police are still trying to piece together what happened.

"We are having a hard time understanding everything at this time to be perfectly honest with you. We don't know what was going on through her head when she decided to shoot her son to stop from killing himself from the passengers glass of the vehicle," Sheriff Chaffins said.

While no arrests have been made, once county officials have finished the investigation they will hand over the information to the Commonwealth Attorney's Office to determine whether or not charges will be filed.

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