Green County Sheriff's Office raising funds for body cameras

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GREENSBURG, Ky. (WBKO) – The Green County Sheriff’s Office is looking to outfit deputies with body cameras, and is using a recently launched website to raise funds.

The agency is the first in Kentucky to register on, a site that allows law enforcement agencies to register for publicly funded donations of police body cameras.

Deputy Brian Matney is coordinating the effort for the department.

“We are a small department that cannot afford to buy body cameras. One or two would be helpful. We want to get body cameras because of everything that’s happening in the news and the way people act today we thought it would be good to have them to back our deputies up,” said Matney.

Deputy Matney described one incident in particular where a body camera would have been invaluable.

“There was recently a situation where an individual tried to run me over in a car, if I had a body camera, it would have made a difference and I’d be able to show what happened in court.”

Police body cameras have been a hot topic around the nation recently, with benefits for both police officers and the public being discussed.

Funding and high cost is the largest obstacle agencies face in adopting the technology.

Follow the link in this story to the Green County Sheriff’s Office donation page.

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