Greystone neighborhood on edge after string of car break-ins

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Car break-ins at Greystone ll Subdivision in Bowling Green have left many of the residents on edge.

Police say it happened some time between Monday night and Tuesday morning at the Greystone neighborhood off Nashville Road.

Not only were items stolen from the cars, but some of them were vandalized and set on fire.

"We're investigating numerous break-ins in the Greystone Subdivision area. Right now we're compiling all the reports, trying to see exactly what items were taken and what damage was done," said Bowling Green Police Public Information Officer Ronnie Ward.

Rebecca Hazel was one of the many victims in the string of thefts. She says although the items stolen from her car were insignificant, her daughter wasn't so lucky. "All they took in my car was some change, some sunglasses. Nothing major. But my daughter's car got her wallet taken, which has her whole life in there," said Hazel.

Neighbors of the victims are worried when it could next happen to them.
"What happens to my neighbors could very easily happen to me. Of course I'm scared it could happen to me," said Kelly Parrish.

If you have any information about these break-ins, please call Bowling Green Police at (270)-393-4000.

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