Group protests following death of Jeremy Marr, investigation still on-going

Published: Apr. 16, 2020 at 5:44 PM CDT
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On Tuesday morning, Glasgow Police tried to arrest Jeremy Marr after they say he tried to break into someone's house. Police say he had a medical episode during the attempted arrest. He was transported to the hospital where he later died.

A group of protesters staged outside the Glasgow Police Department Thursday morning asking for answers following


"So this is Jeremy and me I was a couple of months old, this is Jeremy when he was younger," said Jeremy's daughter, Destiny Marr, as she showed off pictures of her and her late father. "He's going to be missed a lot."

Destiny was one of nearly a dozen protesters outside of Glasgow Police Thursday, alongside friends and other family members.

"I want justice for my dad," she explained. "I just talked to him two days before this happened, and he said he was going to come to see us."

Since his death,

. We don't know what took place before it, but the video appears to show Glasgow police trying to place him under arrest.

"Seeing him get kicked like that over and over again is not right, and I want justice for him and all his kids," said Destiny.

"If you watch the video, you clearly see it was overkill to me. I mean I wouldn't be able to take that much," said William Kessinger, Jeremy's lifelong friend.

His family and friends also say he went to the home on Cleveland Avenue Tuesday to ask for help, and claim he wasn't trying to break in like police have reported.

"I'd say he's kindhearted for sure, and maybe he had a few problems," said Kessinger. "He wouldn't have done anything to harm somebody."

The father of four was 35 years old, and court documents indicate that he did have a criminal history.

"He loved his kids very much. He was going through things," said Destiny.

As Destiny points to a smiling photograph of her late father she said, "This was the Jeremy everybody knew -- the smiley, lively Jeremy, not the 'I need help Jeremy'."

So they say the journey for justice begins, but in the meantime, the investigation continues as friends and family say they are pleading for more answers to be brought to light.

"I just want justice for Jeremy and it will be brought forward and we are marching for it," said Destiny.

Police have not released the official cause of death at this time. Meanwhile, Glasgow Police say they do not plan to release body camera footage as this is an on-going investigation.

The group plans to also march and protest at Kentucky State Police Post 3 Friday morning around 11.