Family celebrates miraculous recovery a year after 10-year-old's sledding accident

SMITH'S GROVE, Ky. (WBKO) --- One year ago, 10-year-old Coleton Parsley was involved in a serious sledding accident causing life-threatening injuries.

After hospital stays and countless hours of therapy, his family is now celebrating a miraculous recovery, 365 days after Coleton's fight first began.

"January the 13th of 2018, Coleton was sledding at a farm and I received a call that he had been involved in a really severe accident," said Heather Parsley, Coleton's mother.

Coleton was then airlifted to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital.

"And he was there in a coma for three weeks," said Heather.

But one year to the day later, his family is thankful they can sit on the couch together in their home and share in happy memories while also creating new ones.

"I'm most proud of him for how hard he's worked, you know, there's not many kids that's gonna be willing to do what he's done and get where he is and go to therapy every week," said Coleton's older sister, Caroline.

"He has to miss out on a lot of things and it is really good to see how hard he is working to get back to where he was," she added.

Coleton has an unwavering determination, to just be a normal 11-year-old kid again.

"Just me getting back to what I normally would be doing. Baseball and doing stuff that I can do with my friends," said Coleton.

Coleton's dad, Bryan Parsley, said the experience, and watching his son recover, has been humbling.

"And how proud I am of him and my daughter also for what they both encountered and had to deal with," he added.

This last year has also brought Coleton and Caroline closer, although they had a great bond to begin with.

"Before we'd fight and argue over little stuff and now it's just like that doesn't even matter and it has just really shown you what matters in life and what doesn't," said Caroline.

"I'm thankful for my recovery and all the people that prayed for me," said Coleton.

"He's just a fighter and it has really shown me through this accident that if you want to do anything just to not give up because he didn't give up and he wouldn't be here if he would have," said Caroline.

'Thankful' is a word used often by the Parsley family.

"100 percent what got us through it is our faith in God and us having hope," said Heather.

"Thankful that the Lord saved me in case I didn't make it," said Coleton.

Coleton continues going to therapy and working through the recovery process. It's a story that 365 days later, has a chapter this family can smile about, as they only see more progress in his future.

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