Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero: Vickie Walker

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BROWNSVILLE, Ky. (WBKO) -- "Our son had done three tours in Iraq and one night it hit me. I said, Lord if you'll bring my son back home safely, I'll do something for this community," according to Vickie Walker, founder of The Edmonson County Senior Pantry.

Vickie was called to serve beyond the typical line of duty that her son served on.

"She saw a need and she wanted to do something about it. She retired here so this wasn't exactly her hometown but she adopted us and we adopted her," explained Vickie's friend, Rhonda Clemmons.

Nearly nine years ago The Edmonson County Food Pantry began serving for those who had to make the trialing decision of whether to eat or pay the bills.

"Our seniors are on limited income and sometimes they have to make the choice on whether they are going to be able to receive food or if it will go towards medical expenses. We also do emergency food for anyone that is in need at the time. I have found out that everyone needs a little help every once and a while and that's what our program is all about," said Vickie.

Rhonda claimed, "I've seen it time and time again and people can have hard times, people can have house fires, people can be on fixed incomes. It is really something to see that they get the food that they need and that they maybe not have to make the decision between medicine, the electric bill or food. "

However, Vickie goes beyond the line again by not only providing food but also by providing a friendship to those in need.

"A lot of the elderly may be shed-ins they may not have transportation. So just to have someone they can talk to and develop a friendship with, and she does that too," according to Rhonda.

This drive and ability though would not have been possible without the help of others.

Vickie explained, "We don't have any kind of federal, local or state funding. This is done by donations only.'

Rhonda said, "If you have a food drive at your company or organizations she does accept donations. It helps keep this thing going."

Vickie claimed, "Without the people of our county that supports this program...I wouldn't be able to do it."