Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero: Vivian Franklin

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GLASGOW, Ky. (WBKO) -- It took only three words to change Stephanie Keltner's life and that was, come on in.

Stephanie Keltner stated, "I had had a surgery that had gone wrong. I ended up with a wound. I couldn't get any care, everybody had turned me away and told me to go to the ER or urgent care and of course this was during the holidays. I showed up at her office she had everything in her hands she was ready to go for the holidays and she told me to come on in."

"It was during Christmas and Stephanie came in to see me. She looks distraught and she looked upset and she looked sad. We had our purses on our shoulders and coats on because we were getting out early that day and we were going Christmas shopping. I just said lets go in the back and take a look. I didn't say to her, well come back on Monday. I don't ever do that, if you want me or if you need me, I’m going to get you in as quick as I can,” according to Vivian Franklin a wound care nurse practitioner.

That is exactly what she did. Vivian spent her holiday helping Stephanie not just physically but more importantly emotionally.

"Emotionally I don't think people understand what you are going through when you go through so many surgeries. Doctors are not what you want to go to and nurse practitioners are not what you want to go to, yeah they are there to heal you, but that's not like a fun place. I actually enjoy coming in here, I enjoy seeing Vivian," Stephanie claimed.

Vivian stated, "I want them to feel at home, I don't want them to feel like they are coming into a doctor's offices or a medical office. They come in sit down, we have coffee, some snacks, and we have our rockers in the front of our clinic so that they can come in sit down and just relax."

Relaxing is exactly what Vivian helped Stephanie do, allowing her to heal and be able to see that her dreams can and will come true.

"I want to one day be in law enforcement and through god's hands and working with her, I wouldn’t have been able to be where I am and see my potential in law enforcement," according to Stephanie