Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero: Bert Knight

RUSSELLVILLE, Ky. (WBKO) --- Some have described him as the glue that holds the town together, others say he is a legend in Russellville and the true definition of a hero. But, Bert Knight is all these things and more.

The year was 1964 when Mr. Bert Knight opened "Bert's Auto Parts" in downtown Russellville.

"He is one of the best businessmen in Russellville, Kentucky," said Edna Hughes, friend of Knight.

Even after more than 55 years in business, Knight continues to bring service and smiles to his community.

"He's like an icon in Logan County."

"I remember coming in on a Friday afternoon at two o'clock and needing a part for my tractor and he didn't have it and I was needing to get it going. He said he could run down to Nashville for a while and go through two or three part stores and they usually have some of the stuff and I'm thinking, 'It is two o'clock on a Friday afternoon, I wouldn't be willing to drive around Nashville on a Friday afternoon for my own tractor, but he was willing to do that for one of his customers," said Jay Wright, customer and friend.

"He's such a good man. He will do anything for you," said friend Charlene Gentry. "He is like a father figure to me and a lot of people around here."

"You always see him in the parades in his car and in his uniform like he is here and we're just really proud of who he is and what he represents," said Cheif Cheryl Allen, Russellville Fire Chief.

Knight is a Cold War Veteran during some of the most brutal times in American history. He served our country with dignity, respect, and honor.

"You're [Bert] just a great patriot and God has blessed you and blessed us for knowing you," said Allen.

"If I could say one person in our town who could be called a hometown hero, it would be Bert."

"He is a legend here in my opinion."

Knight comes from a generation of hard working individuals with a willingness to serve and a humbleness that is rare to find.

"I would do it all again if I could. I am too old now, but if something were to happen where they would need me, I would go," Bert said.

"I would love to be exactly like him and I know that my sisters and kids would as well," said Lisa Williams, Bert's daughter.

"I just wanted to say thank you to a great American, a great soldier , a veteran who served our country well. Then after he served our country, he served this community. That is the kind of fella he is and I just wanted to say thank you, Bert," said Tyler Gill, retired Circuit Judge of Logan and Todd counties.

"He truly is all of our heroes. My two sisters and I and our whole family think he is awesome and there is not a week that goes by in the community that I'm not stopped two or three times and people want to tell me how great my dad is and it just makes me very proud and the same goes for my sisters and my kids, nieces and nephews," said Williams.

"He is an awesome great grandfather and if anyone is to get the hometown hero award, I think it would be him. We love him so much," said Jackson Baker, Bert's great grandson.

For his endless service to our country and community, his kind soul with the ability to leave a lasting impact on everyone he meets, and for being a successful self-made businessman for over five decades, we honor Mr. Bert Knight as this week's Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero.

"From our family to anyone watching, we appreciate all the kindness and the good words and we appreciate all the years of business for Bert's Auto Parts because he's been there for 55 1/2 years," Williams said.

"He is the hometown hero of Russellville."

"You know as a hometown hero, a guy that served his country, serves his community and serves his family deserves to have that title," said Wright.

"He is just the best dad ever in the entire world," said Williams.