Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero: Boogie Oliver

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The game of archery is a opening doors to thousands of children across the country. The recently formed teams in Todd County are drawing back and taking aim all thanks to one man.

"He's a mentor, I mean, he's a role model to kids and adults," said friend Robbie Meacham.

"[He's] A caring individual. He one hundred percent cares for helping these kids," said friend George Thomas. "He's truly a good guy."

Men like Boogie Oliver are few and far between.

"I first met him down at his hardware store down in Guthrie," said Meacham.

Boogie's store, Guthrie Hardware, is a place many people seem to meet him, a place that also serves as an archery range for students to practice.

"He was letting kids come in his store after school and they was shootin' in his lanes at the hardware store. They'd be from any school or wherever they'd come in there and he would coach em," said Robbie Meacham.

"All to help kids come shoot, can't name many people that would do that," said Thomas.

"Archery requires a lot of concentration and self-discipline and I've seen it do lots of really good things for lots of kids. It gives a lot of kids confidence that they may not of had before," said Boogie.

Boogie coaches the Todd County High School Archery Team, along with the Todd County 4H team.

"You know, practices twice a week, tournaments almost every weekend for two or three months and they don't get paid for that," said Thomas.

As an archery coach in NASP, there is no compensation, no payments for the long hours put into the success of the children.

"He would go out of his way today if somebody called him," said Meacham.

What sets him aside is the extra step he takes for the children.

"I do spend a lot of time, I have a business that's open about 55 hours a week," said Boogie.

Boogie even has an archery range in his basement, built for the same reason as everything he does --for the students.

"If I'm not having practice at school, there's kids here in the archery range in the basement shooting," said Boogie.

He does it for the satisfaction of watching the children learn and grow as archers and people.

"The smiles on my students faces when they started improving and start doing better, that's the best part of it," said Boogie.

"Everyone needs something to be good at and I am very blessed that I have a little bit of knowledge and can relay it to the archers to help them shoot better so, that gives them something to be good at and everybody needs that," said Boogie Oliver.

"He's just a good, outstanding person, I mean, he'll do anything under the sun for you. If it has to do with a kid, he's all there for it. He's there for the kids," said Thomas.

"He's 24/7 for the kids," said Meecham, He's just fun to be around."

"All the kids love him. If you go anywhere, the first person they hug is Boogie," said Thomas.

For giving the most precious gift, time, dedicated to children, we honor Boogie Oliver as this week's Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero.

"I just do what I think you should to try and help people," said Boogie.

"World needs a few more," said Thomas.

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