HOMETOWN HERO: Doug Anderson

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- A Cup of Joe in the morning may fuel your day, but for a local men's group in Bowling green, it's their faith that keeps their tank full all day.
At the center of this men's group is a guy who exemplifies the life of service.

"It would be hard press to think of someone else who embodies the spirit of service and i'll add this caveat; who embodies the spirit of service for service sake," said Dr. Steven Wininger, Co-Department Head and Professor of Psychology at WKU.

Doug Anderson is wise and faithful servant who has learned over the years, the key to living a fulfilled life.

Doug Anderson said, "A lot of people spend their lives gather things...this thing and that thing, and again I was that way. Success is how much you put your hands on and that's not the deal."

Rather Doug describes the answer to your problems is through serving others.

"Look you think you have it bad, open your eyes, look around and there are people who need help more than you do. Go help them and you'll feel better about yourself," said Dr. Wininger.

This is exactly what Doug does, whether it is helping a widow move in and set up her new home, to driving a visually impaired friend to fellowship, and even driving hours away to support a group running a triathlon.

"There were two guys who ran the triathlon in Louisville this past year; so he goes up and spends the whole day, didn't do it himself, but goes up and spent the whole day there to support them and cheer them on and it was raining the whole day too," said Dr. Wininger.

But why, one may ask does he put the lives of others and their needs first?

"I think its his faith more than anything, his faith drives him to you know do what he thinks Jesus would do and serve others and just be a great loving person," according to Dr. Wininger

Faith and service are acts that only grow by sharing and living it with others and Doug does just that.

"I look up to every single one of them, they've helped me grow in my faith and things like that," Doug said, as he discussed his fellow friends in the men's group

This growth in faith continues to drive Doug to live a life for others.

"If I can live my life knowing that there's just at least a handful of people that I could've helped or made a difference in their lives, I'll die happy," said Doug.